Introducing the Toyota Porte... the stylish purpose factory built vehicle available in various configurations to suit families, elderly and those with mobility and wheelchair needs.

The Porte's unique feature is the electric sliding left hand door, high roofline and low flat floor.  Passengers are able to enter and alight the vehicle with ease.

Toyota Porte's are designed and manufactured in Japan, all versions are built at the factory, not modified to suit afterwards, with full local Toyota parts and servicing support available. 

Take a look below - you'll find one tailor made to suit your requirements. 

Standard Equipment on all models include:-

  • Automatic transmission
  • Climate control air conditioning
  • Dual Airbags
  • ABS Brakes
  • Electric windows and mirrors
  • Electric left hand sliding door
  • Power Steering, keyless entry
  • Choice of 1.3L and 1.5L 4cyl petrol engines. 

New Release - Exclusive to Mobility Vehicle Sales only!! 

"Modified Front Wheelchair Porte" 

This model Toyota Porte has been specially engineered by us to allow passengers to sit in the front row alongside the driver whilst in their own wheelchair.  All of the convenient standard Porte features such as remote controlled electric sliding door, low flat floorline, 360° vision, all come together to make this vehicle extremely appealing.  The Porte is supplied standard with a lap sash belt and fully automatic wheelchair restraints. All of this, combined with the quality and reliability of driving a Toyota.  Contact us to discuss the many options we can offer for this vehicle.


Family Version

This is the standard type, aimed at families and the elderly.  With the convenience of the automatic sliding door, high roofline and low floorline, entry to front passenger and rear seats is a breeze.  The front seats are able to slide up to 75cm forward or back, making this very accessable.  The front passenger seat is also able to be folded flat to form a very handy picnic table.



Version 1 - Welcab Slide Seat

The addition of an automatic sliding out seat to enable those with mobility issues to enter the vehicle with ease.  A common factory option for these is a swinging arm mounted in the rear of the car, that can assist loading a wheelchair.  There is ample space in the boot for luggage, walking frames and groceries. 



Version 2 - Welcab Wheelchair

This version has a wheelchair that becomes a secured passenger seat once inside the vehicle. The wheelchair is automatically lifted in and out of the vehicle by remote controls, mounted inside the vehicle.  There are three different variants of these, push, single electric and dual electric type. The push type is able to be manually pushed, the single electric type has battery operated electric assistance to help push the wheelchair, and the dual electric type can be electrically operated by either the wheelchair occupant or assistant.  The dual battery pack located on the back of the electric versions will give a range of 8km, and are chargeable by 240V mains (battery charger included).

Tyres on all models are solid rubber. 


 Handrim Wheelchair Specifications


Version 3 - Welcab Auto Drive

The Auto Drive version features a wheelchair that enters the vehicle from the passenger side and slides across to become the drivers seat.  The vehicle is then able to be driven by hand controls located in the centre of the vehicle.  The vehicle can also be foot controlled if necessary.  The dual battery pack located on the back of the electric versions will give a range of 8km, and is chargeable by 240V mains.

For a free no obligation demonstration of these vehicles please contact us.

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Warranty available up to five years.