The Alphard / Vellfire is Toyota Japan's top of the range large sized people mover and can seat up to 6 plus wheelchair occupant in total luxury.  The two Welcab models we stock are factory built to cater for people with mobility needs. 


One provides wheelchair access via an electronically operated rear ramp and rear lowering suspension - no lifting is necessary.  Accommodation for wheelchair users can either be in the middle or rear of the vehicle, providing up to 2 wheelchair positions if required.  Wheel chair securement is done just as easily by electronic or manual operated anchorage points.  An over the shoulder lap-sash seat belt is provided too.


The other uses an electronic side lowering transfer seat in front or middle position on the passenger side of the vehicle to assist entry to the vehicle.  Once again no lifting is required, and the process is all seamless to both passenger and carer.  On some rare models we stock, both factory slide seat and wheelchair ramps have been fitted, contact us if this is what you are after as we are the specialists in sourcing the difficult to find!


Engine- either 2.4L 4 cyl VVTi (2AZ-FE) or 3.0L 6 cyl VVTi  (1MZ-FE) petrol motors.  Both very economical, smooth, powerful, and reliable motors.  Both motors are found in local Toyota vehicles, and servicing / parts not an issue.

External Dimensions-

10 Series Approx 4.87m long, 1.83m wide, 1.94m high

20 Series Approx 4.85m long, 1.83m wide, 1.89m high

Comparable to a Toyota Tarago footprint with a little more height.  Extremely easy to drive with power steering, very manoeuvrable tight turning circle.  Provides plenty of space with excellent viewing and vision for wheelchair passenger in either middle or rear positions.

Internal Dimensions for wheelchair positions

2nd Row wheelchair position, directly behind Front passenger provides space for wheel chairs up to 110cm long, 72cm wide and 135cm in height. 

3rd Row wheelchair position, between 3rd Row fold up seats provides 122cm long, 78cm width and 142cm height for wheelchair use. 

 ** Note: the lengths given above are based on the 2nd row seats being in a comfortable position for the passengers, considerable length can be obtained quite easily by sliding these further forward when not in use. ** Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

Wheelchair Securement- 

Firstly the rear self folding ramp and lowering suspension are all controlled electronically by the built in corded control.  When fully lowered the gradient is only 9° slope making entry and alighting easy for both wheelchair passenger and carer.

Front wheelchair restraints are usually electronically operated and the rears are manual.  Both systems work well together and are maintenance free.

** We can customise and / or add extra wheelchair restraints if need be. **