Did you know that there are various Goverment concessions available to eligible persons for the purchase of Mobility assistance vehicles??

Concessions include:-

  • GST Free purchase of vehicles and related car parts
  • Stamp Duty and Registration concessions

Useful Govt / ATO Links:-

http://jobaccess.gov.au/content/mobility-allowance-0 (Centrelink Mobility Allowance)

https://www.ato.gov.au/Business/Bus/GST-and-LCT-on-cars-you-buy---people-with-disabilities/ (GST on Cars for people with Disabilities)

Useful Transport SA Links:-


Link to Disabled Accessible Parking Permits

https://enotice.sa.gov.au/ (Set up Automatic reminders for when your vehicle registration is due)


(Revenue SA - Transport SA - various Stamp Duty concessions available)

Please contact the relevant organisations for further information and eligibility

Other Useful Links:-

www.redbutton.com.au/ (Assure Connect - Mobile phone Personal Emergency Alert)

www.terracefloors.com.au/    (Local Premium Flooring Company offering Excellent Service)

www.bom.gov.au/  (Local and National Weather)