STOP PRESS!!  Please note, we are now importing the latest model of Toyota Noah / Voxy and Esquire (80 series).  These models now utilise Air Bag lowering suspension, and are absolutely stunning to drive and visually appealling.  Both manual and fully electric lowering wheelchair ramp versions are available.  Third row interior height is 138 - 140cm, width of ramp is 73-75cm.  Second row height around 132 - 136cm.   

The Toyota Noah / Voxy Welcab models are mid sized people movers that can seat up to 6 adults plus wheelchair occupant in quiet economical comfort.  Wheelchair access is from the rear of the vehicle by an electric fold out wheelchair ramp with lowering suspension.  Wheelchairs can either be positioned in the 2nd or 3rd row depending on vehicle configuration.


Standard features on all models include Automatic Transmission, Power Steering, Driver and Passenger Air Bags, ABS Brakes, Dual Zoned Air Conditioning, Dual Slide Doors, Power Windows / Mirrors / Central Locking.  All models are powered by a 2L 4 cylinder petrol motor.

External Dimensions- Approx 4.58m long, 1.69m wide, 1.85m high, comparable to a Toyota Tarago footprint with a little more height. The vehicle offers plenty of space with excellent vision for driver and wheelchair passenger.  Extremely easy to drive with power steering and an excellent turning circle.

Internal Dimensions for wheelchair positions-

The 2nd Row wheelchair position, directly behind Front passenger provides space up to 102cm long, 70cm wide and 131cm in height. The 2nd Row restraint system uses front and rear electric locking / tensioning straps to secure the wheelchair.  The front restraints can be extended to outside the vehicle to assist in easy loading. The occupant is secured with a lap or lap-sash seat belt.  


The 3rd Row wheelchair position, provides 112cm long, 74cm width and 136cm height.  This position is generally provided with manual cambuckle locking wheelchair restraints, they are easy to get to from the rear of the vehicle. 

Aftermarket changes or additions to any of the restraints can be accomodated, ie manual to electric / self locking restraints or to a different position, options can be discussed on trial fitout.


3rd Row Seats can be folded up or down depending on usage needs of the vehicle, they must be secured upright when using 3rd Row wheelchair position.